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12U CABINET 600 X 600

-Size: 12U
-Dimensions: 600mm X 600mm
-Material: High-quality, durable construction
-Ventilation: Advanced airflow design for optimal cooling
-Accessibility: Easy-access doors and removable panels for convenient installation and maintenance
-Security: Robust locking mechanism for enhanced equipment safety

KSh 30,000.00

Product Description

12U CABINET 600 X 600

The cutting-edge 12U Cabinet 600 X 600 , a powerhouse of innovation designed to revolutionize your network management experience. Crafted with precision and engineered for excellence, this cabinet is the epitome of durability, functionality, and style.

Unrivaled Design: Elegantly constructed with a sleek, space-saving 600 X 600 form factor, this 12U cabinet is a blend of aesthetics and efficiency. Its compact size ensures seamless integration into any workspace while providing ample storage for your networking equipment.

Robust Construction: Built from high-quality materials, our 12U Cabinet guarantees exceptional strength and longevity. Its sturdy frame offers excellent stability, safeguarding your valuable hardware components and ensuring uninterrupted network operations.

Optimized Ventilation: Featuring advanced ventilation systems, this cabinet ensures optimal airflow, preventing overheating and maintaining peak performance for your devices. Say goodbye to worries about equipment damage due to inadequate ventilation.

Effortless Accessibility: Equipped with easy-access doors and removable panels, this cabinet simplifies installation and maintenance processes. Hassle-free cable management keeps your setup organized, enhancing accessibility and reducing downtime.

Security at Its Core: Security is paramount, and our 12U Cabinet prioritizes it. The robust locking mechanism guarantees the safety of your equipment, offering peace of mind in both physical and digital aspects.

Elevate your network infrastructure with our 12U Cabinet 600 X 600, where innovation meets reliability. Experience seamless performance, unmatched durability, and hassle-free maintenance, ensuring your network operates at its full potential.


  • Size: 12U
  • Dimensions: 600mm X 600mm
  • Material: High-quality, durable construction
  • Ventilation: Advanced airflow design for optimal cooling
  • Accessibility: Easy-access doors and removable panels for convenient installation and maintenance
  • Security: Robust locking mechanism for enhanced equipment safety
  • Compatibility: Suitable for various networking equipment and devices
  • Finish: Sleek and professional appearance for any workspace
  • Assembly: Quick and easy assembly process for immediate use
  • Weight Capacity: Designed to support heavy networking equipment
  • Cable Management: Integrated system for organized cable routing and reduced clutter
  • Certifications: Compliant with industry standards and regulations, ensuring quality and safety.

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